Wednesday, January 11, 2012

National Championship, Is it spring yet?

Hey guys, how'd you enjoy that national championship? Oxymoron, I know. It was the exact same game as the first one, without Bama's field goal kickers sucking royally (the kicking still wasn't spectacular). Because the kicking gave them a little bit more of a lead than last time, eventually they cracked through with the first touchdown by either team in two meetings. That's not fun at all! Insert BCS complaining here. I'll save you the trouble. I'm all for an eight man playoff, though. Just take the top 8 seeds, obviously. If you didn't make it top eight, sorry. You can't really blame the system at that point. Plus, it could solve the whole non BCS school winning it thing.

I have a few words for this team (the same one I root to play in the title game every worthy season, but will never get to see Kellen Moore do. Ladies and gentlemen,  your Boise State Broncos). RECRUIT THE TOP 5 KICKERS IN THE NATION! Forget QBs. Forget linemen. There are enough country strong boys in Idaho. Obviously they don't play soccer there, though. Two years in a row they should have been snubbed from the national championship game! Two years! But they don't even get to be snubbed! Stupid kickers.

Finally, I want it to be spring. Not only is it finally getting cold in Atlanta (boo), baseball comes then. But I shouldn't get too antsy, we still have about a month of awesome football left (yaaaay).

Friday, December 16, 2011

Chris Paul shenanigans and the NHL (that I've seen)

Let's start off with David Stern. What is he doing? You don't double dip. Never should you GM and be commissioner of the league. It's kind of like mixing pleasure with work. We all know being commissioner of the league is highly stressful (and comes with a lot of harsh opinions, but that goes with any sport). Being a GM is also highly stressful, but, how can I put this--Awesome! You get to do what every kid dreams of while playing Madden (or any sports game). Build a super team. Basically control the fate of the organization. However, this is much more complicated than Madden. You don't get to ignore being 20 million over the cap, you don't get to ignore stadium factors, fans, trading all future draft picks, etc. You have to be slightly more realistic. I know I just went off on a tangent and none of this really matters, but you just shouldn't mix the two! Can you imagine if the commish had vetoed the trade had the league not owned the team? Outrageous! I know he wasn't ever truly the Hornets GM, but still, in a sense he was. Anyhoo, the trade got made, and for a lot less than they originally thought they were going to get. Lamar Odom is now a Dallas Maverick (huh?), the Clips should rename themselves to the Alley Oops, and the Staples Center is all of the sudden a very exciting place to be every night, instead of just when the Lakers played. It will be interesting to see exactly how fast CP3 and Griffin can mesh, seeing as how the season starts so soon.

It wasn't me, I swear!

The NHL is off and flying, and I haven't seen a whole lot of it. You can't really BLAME me, though, because I was stripped of the only hockey team I ever loved. The Atlanta Thrashers. Oh well. They still suck in Winnipeg (shocker). Still, I miss being able to flip on and seeing my boy Evander flying down the ice. Anyhow, the Bruins are looking pretty good after a slow start, the Flyers are flying (I couldn't resist), and Sidney Crosby is out again with concussion symptoms. He seems to have a target on his back, what with all these big hits. Maybe it's because he is a pre-madonna sally boy. Just sayin'. Finally, if you haven't checked out 24/7 road to the winter classic, you should. It's a documentary on HBO, similar to that of Hard Knocks. The season was fantastic last year, and the first episode was pretty solid this year. The teams it will be following are the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers.

Apologies for the length in between posts, I've been busy trying to graduate (which I succeeded at, YUH!). Also, I wrote a few articles about ESPN, and a features story on a radio show that my buddy, Adam, hosts. You can find it at

Until next post, Jon Nation.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Texas loses (a week later), Aaron Rodgers: Really a Superhero?

So yeah, Texas blew the big one. I think Nolan Ryan personally took a bat to each one of them. After they were within one strike of tasting sweet victory champagne (well, everyone but Josh Hamilton. Let's be honest for a second. My man doesn't drink in the celebratory clinching victories and all that, but he has lost in two consecutive world series. If that doesn't make you relapse I don't know what does), they lost it all. Did that victory make it much more likely that Albert will now retire a Cardinal, or did it make him go out on top like he wanted to, like Tony LaRussa? Either way, my hat is off the Cardinals, who made one of the most improbable world series runs ever. Starting with having arguably their best pitcher out for the entire year before it even started, and ending with an improbable victory. Wow. I guess thats why they play the games out instead of just handing to the BoSox.

Also, we are officially halfway through the NFL season. The Green Bay Packers remain perfect. They are just a completely different team than anyone else. Not necessarily in the way they play (they are better than everyone else in that aspect, too), but in their attitudes. They look like a freakin' peewee team. They are all having a blast, and they know they're good enough to pull anything off. The throws Rodgers are making with ease are UNREAL. He zips the ball in stride 50 yards down field and doesn't think twice about it. No reaction, just a discount double check. All of the players feed off of it, too. Everytime they make another seemingly impossible throw and catch to a covered receiver, said receiver just grins like he just got some free candy or something (sticking to the kid comparison). I don't know, but they are sure fun to watch. I know they haven't even won anything yet this year, but if they can manage well under the salary cap, it's hard not to think dynasty with the unreal core of young players they have. I'm glad I have Sunday ticket because I get to see their magic every week. They are just plain fun to watch. That's about as much praise as you'll ever see me doll out ever again. (Searches for cool Aaron Rodgers youtube video..)

Friday, October 21, 2011

MLB Playoffs! Playoffs!

Hey blogoids. Ye ole' iPhun is currently downloading the new software, so I thought I'd take this time to give a little World Series update. Texas tied the series 1-1 last night with a late inning rally. Josh Hamilton was able to come through with a sac fly (wow!), and that was followed by an Adrian Beltre sack fly two batters later (Michael Young walked) to take the lead in their last at bat. Surprisingly pitching has been the major theme two games in. Both teams have 3-4 offensive studs, even if the Cards might lose arguably the greatest player of all time next year, so expect at least two games with the winning team having 6 or more runs. Do we really think Albert will resign? I remain hopeful that he does, though I was hoping Texiera would, too. Let's try and picture king Alby in a Cubby uniform for a second..

Wait for it..

Wait for it..


He sort of looks like Aramis Ramirez to me now. Anyhow, I'm hoping Texas can pull this one out, I think it might be their last shot at a World Series, plus the Cardinals beat out the Braves for the wildcard. I know, I know, we did it to ourselves. It still hurts. Two years in a row we have faded, and FAST, down the stretch. And to think Derrick Lowe carried us in September last season. I don't care if we made the post season last year, we still couldn't beat the Phillies B squad when we really needed it for the second year in a row. At least last year we didn't get swept..

I'll get an NFL quarter of the season (I guess we are a bit farther than that, how about 3/10's season) update in the next few days, since I am currently back home and not thinking of anything except how to waste the next few days effectively.

Monday, October 10, 2011

NFL thusfar, MLB postseason

I'd like to blame my absence on something, but I really don't have anything good. While watching Aaron Rodgers take his team to the 5-0 mark, I felt like it should be blogged about. That's where we are now. It's looking pretty difficult to pick against the Pack at this rate. While the Patriots (and I guess I have to stick the Lions and Bills in here, too) are looking solid, they just aren't in the same league. No, seriously, the Patriots play in the AFC. I kid. Anyhow, the season is still quite young and a lot of things can happen, it is just hard to see the Packers not keeping this up. They had an injury ravaged squad last year that won the whole thing. If they can stay half as healthy, they should be good. Lock that belt on A-Rodge. The defense hasn't been quite as dominant as it was during their post season run, but look for it to tighten up as the newcomers start to mesh with the rest of the d. The only other mentionables besides Green Bay is the horrid play of those Philadelphia Eagles. The talent is clearly there, but they have to do the little things right too, something they seem to have forgotten. Either way, there is no way the Redskins run away with the division whilst still employing Rex Grossman as their starting quartback (sorry Gator fans). So look for Philly to win a few games and be right back in the NFC East race.

As far as the postseason goes for baseball, I really don't care who wins it at this point. The two teams I hate most are out. The Braves nosedived and didn't even get to get in. But, you all know this and I don't need to harp on it any more. They just fell apart. It happens when your rotation is in shambles, and that is what you have depended on all year long. I'm strangely OK with it, though, because of the fact that our future does look so bright. Anyhoo, I'm still rooting for my preseason World Series pick to pull through, the Milwaukee Brewers. If that rotation can hold up, they can definitely hit their way to a championship. Plus, you've gotta love the GM going all in this year (and it appears to be working). Plus (the sequel), the fans really reacted by drawing over 3 million (which I guess is an impressive stat, I just heard it on tv). I would like to think if the Braves pulled this kind of maneuver our fans would react similarly. Who knows. I'll go ahead and say I'm going Brew Crew over the Rangers in 6. First game at death valley last weekend, also. It was fantastic. Here's a picture:

Friday, September 9, 2011

NFC East Preview

This time I'll actually do the NFC East. This year is more wide-open than ever before in the NFL, and the East is no different (with the exception of Washington, of course).

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6):

I really don't think this team is going to be as good as everyone says. Sure, their defense might be fantastic if they can stay healthy, but as high as a ceiling they have on both sides of the ball, I just don't see a repeat performance out of Mike Vick. He didn't miss anyone last year. Sure, he carried the Falcons to the playoffs a few times back in the day, but that was when he was just a ridiculous athlete. Last year he was a ridiculous athlete AND one of the best pocket passers in the league. Maybe he will prove me wrong, but I've got my money on that not happening. It still has to be awesome knowing you can blitz nearly every down and have your behind covered by three all-pro corners. Can you say best Madden team of all time? Mobile QBs are always overrated in Madden, and so is zone blitzing. Not to mention speed at all of the prime time positions. Challenge me with a better madden team (I'd say the next best is the Chargers a few years ago when they had a million pro-bowlers).

Dallas Cowboys (10-6):

I think they'll be much improved this year (obviously they get Tony Romo back), but I don't see them winning the division. I think Dez Bryant has a big year. We will see if Rob Ryan can duplicate the success on defense in Dallas that ole Sexy Rexy has going on in New York. I think this is a team that can sneak up and win a lot of games, especially if Felix Jones stays healthy (I have ulterior motives here since I drafted him in two leagues). They have the talent to win, but putting it together is a whole different story. And-oh-by-the-way I have a big man crush on Jason Witten.

New York Giants (8-8):

They have sooooo mannnnny injuurries already. And they all happen to be DBs. You know, the position New York needs most for their defense to succeed. A couple of them will be back, but will they already be in the hole too much? I think so. I also think this is the year Tom Coughlin is no longer a New York Giant. Just sayin'. Maybe Eli gets in a shootout or two and carries them for a month and a half until the defense finds its stride. Who knows.

Washington Redskins (4-12):

Dan Snyder is the Mark Cuban's evil twin. Cuban loves his team, and will spend virtually anything to get them a win, but he knows how to run a franchise. Snyder on the other hand, is an idiot. Hey here is an idea, let's sign a historically head-casey (is that a word?) player to a historically large contract, and then trade him for a fifth round pick two miserable years later. I could be wrong on the round of the pick, and the timeframe but even if you change those it still looks awful. Oh, and the Mcnabb thing worked wonderfully. The only thing he's done for this franchise in the last ten years is..


(still thinking...)

NOTHING. I honestly can't think of anything positive that franchise has been known for. They had Sean Taylor, but that couldn't even work out! That sounds colder than it is. I'm just trying to prove a point people.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFC South Preview

Alright all you Jon Nation-ers, let's here it for the the NFC South preview!

New Orleans Saints (11-5):

For some reason the Saints flew way under the radar last year. Well, as much as under the radar you can be while winning one of the hardest divisions in the league. Maybe it's because Marshawn Lynch put the team on his back, and they ended up losing to the Seahawks in the first round of the playoffs, or maybe it was something else. Either way I'm feeling a huge "breakout" season for Brees. He can't really breakout because he is already a star, but I expect an above average season. Kind of like this is an above average sportscenter commercial (not that they aren't all great):

It doesn't matter who his wideouts are, and they have an improved running game this year, plus, their young defense should continue to improve.

Atlanta Falcons (10-6):

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Matt Ryan will not win a superbowl in his career (with the stipulation that a Trent Dilfer like defense carries him to a ship, though Ryan is much better than Dilfer was). I just don't think he is an elite quarterback. Yes, he is very good. Yes, I think he will make the Falcons contend for the entirety of his career. But can he carry your team against another elite team with either a tenacious defense, or a quarterback that is probably better than he is? I don't think so. Plus, they traded all those picks for Julio Jones. I didn't like that one bit. AT LEAST get A.J. Green, who I think is a much better wideout. If not, just build depth at every position out there with all the picks you traded (you might have seen this strategy by the world champion Green Bay Packers, who had a plethora of injuries, yet still won it all).

Tampa Bay Bucs (10-6):

They lose the wildcard to the dirty birds due to head to head play, or division records, or something. I just have them slightly below the Falcons. It doesn't get much better than the young duo of Josh Freeman and LeGarrett Blount. Blount, on a similar note, has won the annual Jon Nation Running Back I'd Like to Try and Tackle Least award. Previous award winners are Brandon Jacobs and Jerome Bettis. If Aqib Talib can stay out of jail (and let's be honest, he is the next Pacman Jones), then they have a shot at a decent defense. Either way, if they can draft well the next few years they should be set to make a few playoff runs themselves.

Carolina Panthers (3-13):

Cam Newton, this record is for you! I think you'll succeed in the NFL about as well as Eric Crouch. He is a faster version of Tim Tebow. I love Steve Smith, and he needs to get the heck out of there. Oh, and why would you fire a top 5 coach because Jake "the real snake, not Jake Plummer" Delhomme sucked for two seasons straight. He built a phenomenal two headed rushing attack in DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The defense was always above average. It's basically Mike Shanahan version 2.0 (who Fox was coincidentally signed by the Broncos).

** The NFC East almost never has repeat division winners, so let's be real I could be completely wrong.